Before we re-opened the pub after the first national lockdown, we completed a full risk assessment which led to a number of practical changes in the way we operate. This is under constant review. Here’s a summary of the changes we’ve implemented so far:

A maximum of 6 people / table and customers are asked to avoid interacting with other tables.
One household bubble per table only indoors and the ‘Rule of 6’ applies outdoors.
Table layouts have been amended to allow more space between them and beautiful, bespoke oak framed screens have been installed to provide added reassurance.
There is a table service only (so booking is highly recommended).
We are operating a Card Only payment policy.
Signage has been put up throughout the pub to give guidance to customers.
Antibacterial hand gel is available at the entrance, on every table and outside the toilets.
Menus are single use only and then binned for recycling.
The already thorough cleaning practices have been more than doubled covering the restaurant and the toilets.
Customers & staff are required to wear face coverings whilst moving around the pub or using the toilets.
Staff will wear face masks when interacting with customers.
In addition to the restaurant menu, there is a new Takeaway Menu with orders for collection. The menu is available from the pub and can also be viewed on our website.
operating charter